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Private Adoption

At UPFS, our private adoption program promotes open adoption, where information is exchanged between the adoptive family and the birth family, with ongoing communication throughout the child’s life. Open adoptions are those in which both the birth parents and the adopting parents are actively involved in all phases of the adoption process. In open adoption, the birth parents match with adoptive families to create the best placement for their child. Together, you can create an agreement that outlines the level of contact that works for each of you and also makes you feel the most comfortable. Open adoption helps the child build a strong sense of identity and self-esteem by understanding where he/she came from, knowing who they look like and gain understanding of the circumstances of their adoption. Plus having access to both birthparents medical histories can assist in future health care decisions. At UPFS, our staff will help assist you with all aspects of the adoption process.

The private domestic program provides stable, loving homes for Michigan born infants and children.

  • Applications for this program are limited. Applicants must be Michigan residents. Please inquire with the office for more details.
  • Adopting couples must be married.
  • Adopting couples must be open to a fully identified (i.e., open) adoption.
  • The age of adopting parents, number of children already in family and infertility are no longer considerations.
  • Birth parents match with the adoptive family for their child from portfolios prepared by adopting parents.
  • A history of the birth family is usually available.
  • Domestic Adoption include fees for the following: Application, Home Study, Program Fee, Birth Parent Services, and Post Placement that total approximately $14,500.00. In addition to the above fees, adopting parents also pay the actual costs of background checks, court filing fees, legal fees and medical expenses, if any, for the child they adopt.

The Domestic Independent Program is for families who may only need some aspects of the process completed, such as a homestudy, or who may already be matched with a birthparent who wishes to place their child with them. UPFS can provide any service to assist in the adoption process for families in these situations. These adoptions are done as needed and there is no waiting list to begin the process.

Additionally, UPFS can provide homestudy and post adoption services for families interested in intercountry adoption. These adoptions are done as needed and there is no waiting list to begin the process.

For additional information on these programs, please contact Kerry Wiese, Private Adoption Supervisor at (906) 273-1095 ext 208 or by email at wiesek@upfs.org.