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Pregnancy Options Services

Guiding you though the decisions ahead... free, confidential counseling.

Why seek out pregnancy options services here?


When your pregnancy is unplanned, UP Family Solutions can offer help from a trained pregnancy services staff member.

We don’t want you to face this decision alone. With an unplanned pregnancy, you have significant decisions to consider, plans to make and feelings to resolve. We’ll listen to you patiently and never pressure you to make a decision. And we will provide a safe and secure environment to discuss your feelings.

At this time, you need facts, not opinions and you need to explore realistic options. We will provide you with pregnancy options counseling, practical information, emotional support, and the caring guidance you need as you consider your options. Together we’ll explore what it takes to raise a child and discuss the steps involved in choosing to create an adoption plan. We’re available to help you at every stage of the journey you choose to make.

You're Pregnant, Now What?

When you first learned you were pregnant, you may have experienced a roller coaster of emotions and still may be struggling to process the important decisions that you will need to make. You are probably confused and scared. You need to make a plan for yourself and your child. You want to be in control.

You don’t have to feel alone. At UPFS, we are here for you. Our staff is experienced in helping people like you and are familiar with alternatives available to you.


If you don’t feel comfortable making the call yourself, just ask a nurse, school counselor, a friend or a parent to help you take this important first step. Our services are free and confidential. Wherever we meet, your UPFS counselor will listen to you without judging you, and offer you a safe, confidential place to turn where you may express your true feelings-shock, anger, anxiety, fear, excitement or joy. You may freely express your emotions, which will help us guide you in making a decision that reflects your true wishes and desires.

You Have Options

The decision you make regarding this pregnancy will last a lifetime. It is important that you reach a decision from an informed point of view.

How we will help you...


Our staff will assist you in creating an adoption plan, which may be the most loving choice you can make at this time in your life.

If you decide that adoption is your best option, we’ll offer emotional support before the birth and after your child is placed in a loving adoptive home. UPFS will coordinate the legal process, offer ongoing support and help you prepare an adoption plan. In addition, you may be eligible for financial assistance to cover medical costs, counseling and living expenses related to the birth of your child.

Adoption Plan

By making an adoption plan, you will have choices regarding your child’s placement including selecting the adoptive family and meeting the prospective family before your child’s birth. Together, you and the adoptive parents will decide on the level of contact you will have with your child, which may include email updates, phone calls and visits. Each adoption placement is unique and you are in control of it.


You may decide that you are able to parent your child. If you chose to parent, we will provide emotional support, connect you to parenting resources and refer you to community or county programs to help you meet the financial responsibilities ahead of you.

The primary goal of our pregnancy options services is to provide a safe, permanent home for children to grow up in. To learn more about the free, confidential services available to you, please call 906-236-0560. We look forward to meeting you.


Open Adoption - Where You Remain Part of Your Child's Life

Open Adoption Makes Families Happen

Open adoptions are those in which both the birth parents and the adopting parents are actively involved in all phases of the adoption process. Rather than social workers, doctors or lawyers, those most deeply involved – the birth parents and the adopting parents – have power over all of the critical decisions.

Staying Connected

In open adoption, the birth parents select the new parents for their child. They meet with them in person and can share identifying information. According to the adoption plan you create, you may enjoy updates via email, letters, photos and visits to build a healthy relationship with your child and the selected family. This communication will assure you that your child is thriving in the adoptive family’s home, so you won’t experience the anguish of not knowing.


Why choose UP Family Solutions?

UP Family Solutions thoroughly understands the adoption process and our staff have nearly 25 years in providing these services to expectant parents like you in the domestic adoption process. Annually we assist many clients work through the adoption decision. Our services are free and confidential.

UPFS staff are well trained and experienced to assure your continued support and success. In addition, our staff members have both formal education and experience in adoption and working with children and families. That matters because you deserve professional services from counselors who have helped many others face this decision. We support expectant mothers like you, assisting in the process without judging or pressuring you. Plus, we can connect you to financial assistance to cover medical costs, and possibly other expenses, related to the birth of your child. Once your child is placed with a loving family, we will continue to assist you with counseling and support.

Creating a life-long relationship

with a new family Please don’t think of adoption as losing your child. Through an open adoption agreement, you may choose to remain in contact with the adoptive family. Together, you can create an agreement that outlines the level of contact that works for each of you and also makes you feel most comfortable. Open adoption helps your child build a strong sense of identity and self-esteem by understanding where he/she came from, knowing what you look like and understanding what led you to choose adoption. Plus having access to both birthparents’ medical histories can assist in future healthcare decisions.


You choose and meet the adoptive family

You will have the opportunity to make choices throughout the adoption process, beginning with the decision to select the adoptive parents and create your personalized adoption plan. At UPFS, our staff will help you with all aspects of the process.

Be assured that UPFS has conducted extensive home studies on all of its adoptive families, including educating the waiting families about open adoption. We require that our domestic adoptive families to be healthy, willing to participate in an open adoption and committed to raising a child in a loving and nurturing environment. We also assure that families are financially stable.

View profiles of approved and waiting adoptive families

Families approved for adoption create profiles filled with photos and descriptions, for expectant parents to view when they are considering adoption. You can look through these profiles as you are making your adoption decision. Next we will arrange a meeting with the selected family to assure you that the match is the right fit. Once you have chosen a family, the process would proceed to developing an adoption plan that works for both you and the adoptive family.

Open adoption is a trusting relationship between you and the adoptive family. It is not shared parenting, nor long term babysitting. You let go of your legal rights and the child becomes a permanent member of the adoptive family.